Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bares In The Wood

Ello Lil Loves <3

Well I was struggling with a name for this post, so I passed it onto RL Hubby, and SL Wifeh, and, well, ugh, lets just say I wont be doing THAT again.
Some of the more "interesting" names they thought of were:
Hub - "Frillies In The Lillies" (Great, but there's not a lily to be seen)
Wifeh -  "Summer Baked Peaches" - Cos " well its a pudding and its sunshine on ya bum cheeks"
Hub - "Pants In The Woods" (Omg)

So in the end I went with my name, Bares In The Wood, not much better, I admit, but look what I'm dealing with!
"What about...'if you go down to the woods today..."
"Or teddy 'bares' her picnic"
"lmfaooooooooo loling dead bad"

Jeez. . . . .

Hair - Forgotten - Natural Ombres & Dips @ Spellbound (New)
Necklace - Flying Heart Necklace @ Bens Beauty
Bracelets - Iggy Spiked Bracelet @ Atooly at 100 Block (New)
Gloves - Jui J's Gloves - White @ Hollipocket
Belly Chain - Framed belly Chain XXX @ [QE] at TBS (New)
Knickers - Lace Panty - White @ Pervette at Jersey Shore (For GFW)
Garter - Lace garter - White Pack @ Forever Young

Location - My Home :o)

Happy Shopping!