Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I Wont Walk Away

Ello MeLovelies <3

Hope ya'll havin a good week, here we are at the Humpday already, the countdown to the weekend can begin \o/ (I know, I seem to live my whole life for the weekends :o/ )

So onto the posty :D
Firstly I want to tell you all about a gorgeous new Hair Store just opened, called Spellbound. The creator of Spellbound has been designing and creating houses in SL for ages under the brand Poetica (If you know houses, you know Poetica!)  and now is applying her magic to hair :D There are 3 hairs so far, all come in 9 colour packs. The store is adorable, and even the packaging, seriously I have a huge crush on Spellbound, and whats more, credit can be earned with each purchase - win - win!

Also worth mentioning are the mesh pants, which are actually a Group Gifty - I know - Adorbs!

Lastly, but so not least, another of my Oldest & Dearest friends popped back into SL last night \o/ My StephieMoo, shes a complete shoppaholic, and was only back for 10 mins before she bought up Spellbound. After Id left to go bed, she bought the entire contents (I think) of Apple Mays gatcha machines, and sent me a few of the cute lil bags, so a huge Thankyou to mah Moodles, and a wish she returns soon (Like when shes woken up...c'mon Moo WAAAAKE UPPP!! - Stoopid Time Zones)

Hair - Nahara - Natural Ombres & Dips @ Spellbound  (New) 
Piercing - Harvester Piercing @ Random Matter
Collar - Chain Link Choker @ Pomposity (New)
Top - Juliana Zipped Top - Pack One @ Forever Young
Brooch - Bunneh Hump Easter Brooch @ Pomposity (New)
Belly Chain - Linked Hearts Belly Chain @ Pomposity
Bracelets - Chain Link Bracelets @ Pomposity (New)
Mani For Slinks - Urband Silver Polish @ Zoz at Krave Freestyle Urban Fair (New)
Bag - Travel Case - Checkered @ Apple May Designs (Gatcha-Rare) 
Ty Moobaby! <3
Pants - Wide Leg pants - White @ Kaithleens (New-Group Gifty)
Shoes - Jacmel Pumps - Prime Pack @ Hucci
Poses - Ploom
Location - Our Island