Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lost Innocence

Eh -hooo! me again!

Woo, its a long time since Ive been able to make 3 posts in a day, but today has been a rare stay at home, nothin much to do day\o/

Sooo here we have a sexy new top from Bishes Inc out at TBS. The top is one of 12 colours, and includes appliers for Tango Boobehs.

T.I have a beautiful intricate full body tattoo out at Rock Attitude. The tatt includes clothing layers, tattoo layers, and appliers for Tango boobs and Phat Azzes.

Hair - Nicki Hair V2 @ Runaway at Rock Attitude (New)
Hairbow - Pam Headbow - Red @ Phoebe's Piercings at Rock Attitude (New)
Tattoo - Flower Power Tattoo @ T.I at Rock Attitude (New)
Top - Lolita Top - Red @ Bishes Inc at TBS (New)
Necklace - Meeyaw - Black @ Bens Beauty
Bangles - Distorted Nails Bangles @ T.I at Rock Attitude (New)
Mani For Slinks - Solid Stripes - Ruby 2 @ Zoz
Hand Tattoo - Compass Love @ Your Cocain at Fi*Fridays (New)
Pants - Mr Januar @ Coepio
Shoes - Bey Xtreme Heels @ Tara Shoes (New) 

Happy Shopping!