Friday, 16 May 2014

Together But Apart

Happy Friday Love Muffins!!!

Yaknow ya have ya fave fave-erest pair of jeans? Well in SL I have mine, the sexy Boyfriend Jeans by [Q.E], skintight, with Phat Azz appliers, I love em! Well the gorgeous Emmikins has made a capri version for summer! In normal and ripped, and including appliers, you can grab em at TBS now!

Also in this post, more cute cuteness at Funny Puppet fair, including this backpack that I really really want in RL, the puppet kills me - totes adorbs!

Hair - Spice @ Little Bones at  TDSF (New) (Opens Tomorrow!)
Piercing - Inque @ HV at  TDSF (New) (Opens Tomorrow!)
Top - Sweater With Shirt - Arielly @ Mimosa at Funny Puppet Fair (New)
Backpack - Puppet Backpack - Puder Nosed @ Tabou Irrestible at  Funny Puppet Fair  (New)
 Tattoo - Yahara @ Your Cocain
Jeans - Denim Capris - Dirty Stripe @ [Q.E] at TBS (New)
Anklets - Cuff Love @ Muka 
Shoes - LouLou's - Shiny Aqua @ [LDP] at BBB (New) 
Happy Shopping!