Wednesday, 28 May 2014

You Saved me From Myself

Ello Ello Ello!

Sooooo, I learned something about SL tonight, and yeah, I am prolly the last person to know, but,...

I thought SL was being a complete knob again, as I wasn't able to attach either the hud for the Hollipocket skirt here, or the Blah shoes, I relogged, and still no. So after a while I thought "Oooh maybe if I drag the hud onto my body, even if I unattach something I'll be able to reattach it later", and thats when I got the message "unable to attach object - you have exceeded the 38 attachments limit (!) (or words to that effect). But 1st, I didnt even know we had a fekkin limit, and 2nd, how the feck have I exceeded 38???? Omg another thing thats gonna annoy me now :o/

But anyway, here we go, with lots of gorgeous darky darkness from TDSF, and more:D

Horns - Wire Horns  @ Pr!ck at TDSF (New)
Hair - Daydream - Ombre Blondes @ Moon Hair
Eyes - Lapse - Clear @ Ellabella
Makeup - The Vanquisher @ Lovely Disarray at TDSF (New)
Piercing - InqueHV at TDSF (New)
Top - Boobie Sling - Black @ HighRize at FI*Fridays (New)
Body Horns - Dragon Inside Horns @ Dirtystories at TDSF (New)
Arm Chains - Large Link Arm Bands @ Pomposity (New)
Tattoo - My Lines Tattoo @ Tabou Irresistible at She & Him (New)
Arm Chains - Large Link Arm Bands @ Pomposity (New)
Corset - Nairi Corset - Ash @ Riske at TDSF (New)
Bracelets / Anklets - Cuff Love @ Muka
Belly Chain - Large Link Belly Chain @ Pomposity (New)
Hip Bows - Cutie Bow Piercing @ Forever Young
Skirt - Holy Holli Skirt - Remixes - Prints @ Hollipocket at TDSF (New)
Stockings - Ripped Stockings @ BabyDoll at TDSF (New)
Garter - Large Link Thigh Band @ Pomposity (New)
Shoes - My Chained Heart Pumps - Black @ Blah at TDSF (New)
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx