Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Don't Turn Around

Ello Girls!

The Black Dot project is now open - yaay!
And there you will find lots of exclusives, bargains, and all-round awesomeness \o/

Hair - Ouch @ Ploom at Summerfest  (New) 
Ears - Simple Ears @ Mandala 
Horns / Jewellery Set - Krysis Jewelry Sets -  Liara- Noir @ The Plastik
Nose Piercing - India Septum - Black @ Pr!ck
Tattoo - Yahara @ Your Cocain
Arm Cuffs - Arm Bangle - Black @ Tabou Irrestistible at Body Boudior  (New)
Ring - Nocturnal Magic Ring @ Baubles at The Black Dot Project  (New)
Mani For Slinks - Animalia Manicure @ Rabid Squirrel at The Black Dot Project (New)
Dress - Taylor Mesh Leather Dress @ Shine at The Black Dot Project (New)
Doll Key - Dark Dolly Key - Large - White @ Buttery Toast
Ankle beads - Jizz Pearls @ Hollipocket
Shoes - Dottie Chained Heels @ Cheeky at The Black Dot Project (New)

Poses - Daenerys @ Label Motion at TDRF   (New)
Location - The Great Fissure

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx