Sunday, 13 July 2014

Back At Last

Ello Strangers!

Omg so after an unexpected break from SL (various reasons - don't ask lol) I am so happy to be back!
It only takes a day or 2 of being AFK and I feel so completely out of the loop! So I can honestly say I have no intentions of going AFK for so long again.

Ok so onto todays posty, brand new hair by Ploom at The Hair Fair, the very cute Lolita goodies at The Big Show, and sexy new heels at Tara!

A word on the shoes actually, cos they are completely awesome - The Zoon heels  include a hud to control the sock colour/texture to a choice of 3 lace colours, and 9 solid colours, the tops of the socks can be a contrast colour, and there is also the option to have no socks, plus a completely bare foot is included too - lots of options. The skin hud also has a ton of skins to make the usually tiresome skin matching a snip - Loves em. (Advanced lighting is recommended to get the best effect)

Hairband/Choker/Bracelets - I <3 Metal Set @ [Q.E]  (New)
Hair - Pickle - Candy Pack @ Ploom at The Hair Fair (New)
Necklace - Eat Me Necklace - Colour Me (Rare) @ Spellbound at OMG (New)
Top - Oh LaLa Top - Black @ Lolita at TBS (New)
Torso / Hand Tattoo - Virgin @ Your Cocain
Rings - Girleh Bowehs Black (Rare) & Pearl (Rare) @ Hollipocket at OMG (New)
Bag - Mustache Clutch - Black @ LUXE at OMG (New)
Shorts - Jeans High Waist Shorts - Grey @ Lolita at TBS (New)
Leg Tattoo - Sing Song Girl @ Tenjin at OMG (New)
Shoes - Zoon - Black @ Tara Shoes (New)

Poses - Oh Darling! @ Ploom 
Location - Soap