Friday, 25 July 2014


Ello again Darlings!

I know I promised I wouldn't go M.I.A again, and I fully intended to adhere to that promise, but my week has been so busy, and the weather so unbearably hot, that sitting at the computer has been the last place I wanted to be :o/
But today we invested in a shit-load of fans and so its actually pleasant here now, sipping away at an ice cold G & T, listening to some tunage and tapping away happily at my keyboard :D

So here we are - news from Ploom at My Attic,  Forever Young, Buttery Toast & {Vision} - S&F at The Black Dot Project, Pervette for GFW, plus Bens Beauty & Eclipse Art Studio <3

You may also notice our little friend is still featuring, how can I detach him when he looks so effing cute?

Hair Bone - Hair Bone @ Forever Young at The Black Dot Project (New)
Hair - Sea Salt - Candy @ Ploom at My Attic (New)
Choker & Bracelets - The Rule Of Cute - Black @ Buttery Toast at The Black Dot Project (New)
Necklace - Bilingual Necklace @ Eclipse Art Studio (New)
Top - Sailing Top - Wave @ MoDANNA at TBS (New)
Tattoo - Betty Boop @ Eclipse Art Studio
Hand Tattoo - Infinity @ Pervette at Jersey Shore (For GFW)
Rings - Bilingual Rings @ Eclipse Art Studio (New)
Jeans - Jeans Loran - Grafit @ {Vision} - S&F at The Black Dot Project (New)
Shoes - Lonely Pumps - For Slink Mid - Black @ Bens Beauty (New)
Kitteh - Hipster Puss - Grey @ Alchemy at Project Limited (New)

Poses - Belen @ Label Motion (New)
Location - Elmira

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx