Saturday, 5 July 2014

Play It

Ello Dolls <3

Ploom have some wicked Guitar poses in thier machine at OMG. Each pose includes a guitar, and there are 6 to play for, with a fatpack being the rare :D

Then to my my outfit. My hat is by Tabou Irresistible at Rhapsody. It features an Ipod in the side and has matching Garter, armbands and bracelets :D

My top is by Forever Young at The Candy Shop. The Avia tops come in 2 packs, each including 6 colours and appliers for Lolas and Wowmeh.

My skirt is another new release by Highrize and includes appliers for Phat Azz, Sking, Ghetto and Wowmeh.

Finally my shoesies are by Hollyhood and are available exclusively at the Black Dot Project. They come in 5 colours, and are for the Slink High Foot.

Hat - Electro Bowler Hat @ Tabou Irresistible at Rhapsody (New)
Hair - LETU43 - Red @ Boon
Necklace - Black Plumes @ Delicious
Tattoo - Leopard @ Identity
Arm Bands - My Electro Arm & Leg Band Set @ Tabou Irresistible at Rhapsody (New)
Top - Avia - Pack 1 @ Forever Young at The Candy Shop (New)
Guitar & Poses - Play - Fatpack (Rare) @ Ploom at OMG (New) 
Bracelets - Zipper Bracelets - Noir (Rare), Red, Silver (Rare) @ [CA] at OMG (New)
Rings - Girleh Boweh - Black (Rare) & Cherry @ Hollipocket at OMG (New)
Skirt - Denim Pencil - Red @ HighRize (New)
Shoes - Black Army Brat Heels @ Hollyhood at The Black Dot Project (New)
Location - Neva River
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx