Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Sprinkling Of Fairy Dust

Ello again Cherubs!

So soon right? Its late, but I dont feel like sleeping, so I thought Id give you a lil taster of whats coming up in this months The Big Show! I know, I just keep giving right?  :-D

Elsewhere on the grid,  Folly have the cutest lil Unicorn Headdresses at We <3 Roleplay. The Pastelhorns sets come in 5 ear shades, each shade includes 4 flower options and all are completely adorable!

Unicorn Horn & Ears - Pastel Horns - Blonde - Pink Rose @ Folly at We <3 Roleplay (New)
Hair - After School - Blondes @ Soonsiki  (Saturday Sale)
Dress - Bang Bang Dress - Misty Rose @ Forever Famous at TBS (New) (TBS Opens Tomorrow)
Cuffs & Anklets - Cuff Rosa @ Muka
Clutch - Princess Clutch - Champagne @ Forever Famous at TBS (New) (TBS Opens Tomorrow)
Mani / Pedi For Slinks - Soft Silver Tips Polish @ Zoz at Cosmo Sales Room (New)
Shoes - Allure Heels - Tan @ Reign (Saturday Sale)

Poses - PNUP2 @ Ploom
Location - Story Brooke

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx