Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Look Beyond The Mask

Ello again Dolls!

So I'm back in the studio for this posty, to be honest, its only because its been sooooo long since I did a studio post, and I couldn't face going out and choosing a location lol - I'm tired k?!

So here we are with more goodies from the upcoming Bling Hunt. All the goodies  - as previously mentioned - are only 1L for all the lucky huntresses! As you can see there are some seriously kick ass (almost) freebs, this is one hunt deffo worth the effort!

Hair - Cameo - Light Blondes @ Truth
Mask - Face Mask V2 @ !nfinity at Thrift Shop
(Mask is a will be in !nfinity mainstore when event closes ) 
Lipgloss - Galaxy Bling Lips @ WoW Skins (New) (The Bling Hunt - 1L)
Collar - Sugar Skull Velvet Choker @ Pomposity
Necklace - Long Dice Necklace @ Pomposity at Suicide Dollz
Tattoo - In God We Trust - Faded @ Speakeasy (New) (The Bling Hunt - 1L)
Bangles - Hoop Mesh Bangles @ Bens Beauty
Mani/Pedi (For Slinks) - Fall Dreams @ Zoz at Designer Circle (New)
Dress - Sofia Dress @ Ines Creations (New) (The Bling Hunt - 1L)
Shoes - Fringe Shoes - Black & Silver Studs @ Bishes Inc (New)
Poses - Gemma @ Label Motion
Happy Hunting 
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx