Saturday, 27 September 2014

This Toast Tastes Funny!

Ello Darlings!

The fantabulous Buttery Toast have the cutest - I seriously mean THE cutest lil collectable card gatcha out at Candy Fair! (From 3rd October -  I know,  I'm such a tease!) 
There are 20 cards to collect, and they can all fit into a (free) card album. Single cards can be worn in the mouth (I got into trouble for wearing this one - I wont go into details, Mama & Papa Toast are NOT as innocent as they look - JS) and the books (completed or not) can be rezzed or worn. Each card has its own stats and messages - anyone who has ever played top trumps will love these, and if you haven't? Get outta that cave and get playing!

Hair - Brooke - Candy Pack @ Ploom
Headband - Sweet Tooth - Donut @ Buttery Toast at Candy Fair (New) (Oct 3rd)
Ears - Stretched Ears @ Mandala
Gatcha Card (Mouth) - Papa Toast Trading Card (Rare) @ Buttery Toast at Candy Fair (New) (Oct 3rd)
Collar - Sir Fluffybutt - Fatpack @ Buttery Toast
Top & Pants - Undergirl Undies - Pink @ HighRize (New)
Elbow Warmers - Elbow Warmers V2 @ Alterego
Album - Trading Card Album - Full @ Buttery Toast at Candy Fair (New) (Oct 3rd)
Sockies - Ankle Cozies - Blue @ Forever Young (Gatcha)
Poses - Luna Pack @ {Imeka}
Location - Black Kite 
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx