Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sad November Rain

Hello again Gorgeous Girlies <3

I have news of a brand spanking new event!

The Sad November Fair begins in just a few days (November 1st), and Yours Truly is an official blogger!

I will be be showcasing as many of the gorgeous Sad November exclusives as I possibly can between now and the end of the event.

Starting with this cute as fook mesh mac and wellies combo by Neverwood. The November Rain Trenchcoats and Rainboots are Gatcha items and there are 5 colours of each to try for, plus another 5 colours of Windbreakers. The Trenchcoats are rare items.

Then over at another wicked event - the Kawaii Vs Creepy Gatcha Fair, [QE] and  Bubble have new exclusives. 
[QE]'s Kawaii Camp items are gorgeous eyes, coming in 13 colours, 3 of which are Rare. The Wild Eyes include system eyes & mesh versions. Seriously Emms has been on fire with her eyes, and these are so fahooking pretty I'm gonna have em embedded in my head for a long time :D
The gorgeous Bubble have cute umbrellas for their Kawaii route items. The Kawaii Umbrellas come in 13 pretty prints, with 3 rares and a fatpack rare to play for.

Lastly, but so not least, Here is another of Ploom's newest releases. (The first I showed *HERE*) This is called Oh Deer, and features a cute knitted headband with antlers and ears. Totes adorbs <3 

Umbrella - Kawaii Umbrella - Purple (Common)  @ Bubble at Kawaii Vs Creepy Gatcha Fair (New)
Hair/ Headband - Oh Deer - Candy @ Ploom (New)
Eyes - Wild Eyes - Cosmos @ [QE] at Kawaii Vs Creepy Gatcha Fair (New)
Trenchcoat - November Rain Trenchcoat - Caution (Rare) @ Neverwood at Sad November (New) (Opens Nov 1st - LM To Follow!)
Wellies - November Rain Rainboots - Caution @ Neverwood at Sad November (New) (Opens Nov 1st - LM To Follow!)

Poses :
Umbrella Time @ Atooly 
Geisha Umbrella @ Magnifique Poses on MP

Location - Isle Of Serendipity 

Many Thanks to the lovely stranger who directed me to this pretty rainy Sim - much appreciated Miss Mia <3

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx