Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Ello again me Ducks <3

Humpday already, this week is goin so fast, Which is good, cos it means that the weekend will soon be here \o/

So, 'ere we have some sexy unbuttoned jeans by {Vision} - S&F at The Black Dot Project, and a cutey crop top by Forever Young at Suicide Dolls.
Ploom have completely gorgeous new hairs by out at The Fantasy Gatcha too. This is Mystic V2, and comes with a set of curled hairbases to match each colour pack. (I'll be trying these hairbases with other Ploom hairs too, as they are super cute and really different - I'm liking a lot!)

I was also shopping around on MP for some darker freckles and came across these that had 30+ reviews and (the ones I read) were all positive. Then I saw the price ...1L - OMG And I have to say, I'd happily pay a couple of hundred cos not only are they nice and noticable (which is what I was so after), they are also tintable for different skins, bargain.


Hair - Mystic V2 (Rare) @ Ploom at the Fantasy Gacha (New)
Glasses - Reader Glasses @ A&M on MP
Earrings - Music To My Ears @ Buttery Toast
Freckles - Freckles @ Swanky on MP
Mole - Beauty Mole @ Deetalez
Tattoo - Doodles @ Vestigium (New)
Bangles - Asymetrique Bangles @ Je Suis
Top - Broken Heart Tank - Pack 2 @ Forever Young at Suicide Dollz (New)
Pelvic Tatt - Angelic Pelic Tattoo @ Delusions
Jeans - Diavo Jeans - Blue @ {Vision} - S&F at The Black Dot Project (New)
Shoes - Aurora - Divinity Series - Pink @ L.Warwick

 Sandra - Pose 3 & Deanerys - Pose 4 @ Label Motion 
Location - Garlic Breath

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx