Friday, 7 November 2014

Rusted Memories

Ello Dolls!

It's finally Friday! Yaaay!!

*Clinks her glass* Cheers to the weekend peeps!

So for todays posty, we have Cynfuls exlusive for the Sad November Fair, a sexeh lil top by Panik at The Big Show, plus another sprinkle of free-ness  courtesy of Hollipocket, Ecco, Zoz and Duh! for The Dirty Turkey Hunt \o/ 

Hair - Mystic - Reds @ Ploom at Fantasy Gatcha (New)
Earrings - Cubic Earrings @ Eclipse Art Studio
Cig & Necklace - Dirty Necklace & Cig @ Duh! (New)  (Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Sleeves Tattoo - Lady Muerta @ Vestigium (New)
Top - Fancy Top - Lace Noir @ Panik at The Big Show (New)
Gloves - Brenty Lace Gloves - Chocolate @ Hollipocket (Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Bracelets - Unisex Leather Bracelets @ Ecco (New) (Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Rings - Poker Maniac - Gold @ Eclipse Art Studio at Thrift Shop (New) (Opens 9th Nov)
Mani/Pedi (For Slinks) - Fall Pumpkins Polishes  @ Zoz (New) (Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Tummy Tattoo - Angelic Tattoo @ Delusions - Closed
Pants - Tweed Pants - Orange @ Cynful at Sad November (New)
Shoes - Marina Platforms - Black @ Bens Beauty

Poses - Cuteh @ Tabou Irresistible
Location - Winterfall

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx