Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Festive Fun

Ello Girlies <3

Are you feeling festive? Now that I have most of my Christmas shopping done, and am feeling a bit more organised, I feel like I can look forward to the Holidays! Yay!

There are loads of festive goodies being dropped by designers in SL, and although I don't usually decorate my SL home (I am very rarely in it!) I decided to have a little holiday corner this year :o)

Mask/Antlers - Deer Cutie Mask @ Birdy/Foxes at The Arcade (New) (Gift)
Hair - Sweetdreams - Natural Selection @ Spellbound at The arcade (Gatcha) (New)
Lingerie  - Candy Cane Slut @ Bishes Inc on Marketplace (Exclusive to MP) (New)
(Includes Mouthy, Boots, Lingerie & Appliers)
Mani/Pedi (For Slinks) - Gothic Cross - Silver Tips @ Zoz at Suicide Dollz (New)
Gloves - Brenty Lace Gloves - White (Rare) @ Hollipocket (Gatcha)

Merry Christmas Sign - Store Closed - No Longer Available
Stars Lights -  Scenescape Lights - Snowflakes @ Plethora
Christmas Trees - Monbo Sapin - Vert @ Aisling at The Arcade (New) (Gift)
Christmas Tree & Poses - My xMas Tree - Red @ Label Motion (New)
Gingerbread House - Gingerbread Playhouse - Complete @ Buttery Toast at Woodland Gatcha (New) (Gatcha)
Rug - Holidays Carpet @ Creative Studio on MP

Poses - Included With Tree 
Location - Home 

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx