Thursday, 11 December 2014

Happy (Snow) Bunny

Hey babes!

What a mission this post has been! Last night for some reason SL decided to crash everytime I took a picture with shadows enabled, and we all know pics without shadows are poo right? So I was getting all stressy, thinking it was my (relatively new) graphics card (that would be a disaster!). I checked my drivers were up to date, but still crashed. I lowered my SL graphics to med-high and still crashed. So I went off to bed with a cob-on and hoped a miracle would happen today.

So today I logged in, tried again, and still crashed :o/
But then I noticed there was a new Firestorm release, so off I went to do a clean install, and logged back in, going through all the rigmoral of loading invent, fixing prefs, etc, and with fingers firmly crossed I went to my fave snowy sim, and took a few pics. . . . without a problem! Yay!! Graphics were set to high, shadows enabled, and not a bloody problem!
(I know the shadows look a bit jagged at the mo, there are obviously still some prefs I need to fix - hope I can remember them all - eek -  but all in all a happy snow bunny alert!)

This release of Firestorm too, seems (not to speak too soon) a really good update, lots of bug fixes and a few new features. So fingers crossed it stays as reliable as it seems :D

Ok so onto the post that has troubled me so much! I hope you like!

Hat/Hair - Snow Bunny #1 @ Clawtooth at The Arcade (New)
Earmuffs - Fuzzy Muffy Earmuffs #3 (Rare) @ !nfinty (You Better Not Pout Gatcha Hunt) (New)
Glasses - Reindeer Glasses - Dancer @ [Mango Cheeks] at Chapter 4 (New)
Necklace - Maruska - Silver @ Eclectica at J&A Expo (New)
Jacket - Snow Baby Jacket - White @ Forever Young at Winter Trend (New)
Gloves - Bear Gloves @ Katatonik at Collabor88 (New)
Mani/Pedi (For Slinks) - Nordic Colours - White Polish @ Zoz at Fresh Style (New)
Leggings - Winter Tights - Pack 1 @ Forever Young at Anybody (New)
Boots - Serena Knit Boots - Set 4 @ Bens Boutique (New)

Poses - TDR Special Set @ Label Motion at TDRF (New) 
Location - Rainbow Illuzion 

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx