Monday, 29 December 2014

I ❤ Lara

Ello Darlin's!

So, I bought my first mesh body!! She is Lara by Maitreya and I love her <3

Here she is - and I haven't retouched or edited these pics - just cropped em and put em together, with a modesty heart for the prudes lol, but this is Lara in all her nekkid-ness! 

**UPDATE** Due to Google's new Adult Content policy, and just to be on the safe side, I have removed the Lara Piccies, as they contain *gasp* nipples!
You can still see the pic on my Flickr Stream HERE
Sorry for the inconvenience xx

I know the blogs are full of posts about Lara, and as I say she is my first full mesh body, so in case like me you weren't really that into them, here's my take on Lara <3

Body - Lara Mesh Body @ Maitreya  (New) 

Other items Worn 
Hair - Mana - Red Amber @ D!va
Skin - Lucy - Jamaica @ Glam Affair
Ears - Hutuu Plain Ears @ Mandala
Hands - Casual Hands @ Slink
Mesh Nails For Slink Hands -  Mesh Nails - Long @ Zoz
Feet - High Feet @ Slink
Shoes - Angelica Heels - Fatpack @ Glamistry

As you will know, I've long been a fan of the mesh boobs and bums, but I was never in a hurry to purchase a full body as my Phat Azz and Lola's combo served me so well. Although it has always irritated me when wearing mesh items that the default avatar was angular and crooked by comparison.
I did however toy with the idea of purchasing first a Cute Azz and then a Wowmeh, but as both companies were  DMCA'ed that decision was taken away - grrr.
But as I am a huge fan of Maitreya, and have been since way back when (Maitreya were the first to turn me on to mesh) as soon as I heard about Lara, I HAD TO investigate. Off I popped to purchase the demo body, and there she sat in my inventory for 2 days, sadly calling me to try her on lol.
So last night I did! And OMFG is she fahoooking amazing or what?
I honestly don't know where to start, from the perfect boobs to the dimples above her bum!
I love that you can modify her shape with your sliders, making her slimmer for mesh clothes, and a lil curvier for appliers (if thats your thing, it is mine ha) but the thing that surprised me the most was the alpha options - seriously amaze! Not only do you have the 5 SL alpha layers, often I can use 3 just on my head alone - ears, eyes and mouth! But with the Lara hud you have the extra option of turning on added alphas. There are general alphas - arms, torso, pelvis, legs etc, but it goes further, the torso is split in loooads of  segments, meaning you can tweak away at any bits popping out!

Here's a pic of the Hud so you know what I'm talking about! All those segments are alphas - truly brill right? (If this is an option in existing mesh bodies, please excuse my noobness, I'm just agape at this)

Lara is compatible with the Omega system, so you can wear all you fave designers that already use Omega, which, with all the mesh body parts available now, is surely the only way to go. Maitreya also have a long queue of designers waiting for the Maitreya Developers kit, so there is going to be lots of goodies provided for Lara in the coming days/weeks.
Lara also comes with a lingerie set by Zaara and a Maitreya mesh lingerie set in 16 colours to get you started.

Lara includes her own hands, with 3 lengths of nail, and feet - 3 styles - flat, medium and high.
At the Maitreya mainstore there are 3 pairs of limited edition Lara compatible shoes,  free for group members.
I have heard that you can tweak Slink shoes to fit Lara, but of course this will only work with unrigged shoes - as I haven't tried doing this, I can't say weather this works or not.
I however will be sticking to my Slink hands & feet, at least until more nails/shoestattoos designers turn on to Lara. I'm LOVING the seemless fit from Slink foot to Lara body though, as that is something that highly irritated me with the Phat Azz.

As for my skin, well I -  after a couple of good years with Al Vulo -  have switched to Glam Affair, for two reasons. First was the Lara body comes with 10 Glam Affair presets to match skin to body, but secondly, because I have waiting for what seems like an eternity for Al Vulo to bring out new skins, and also updates for any of the new bodies. I am however loving this skin and am planning on getting the fatpacks of a few other Glam Affair skins - I have no idea what took me so long to get there!!
Like I said before though, it wasn't a big deal, Al Vulo have appliers for Phat Azz and Lolas, and I'm sure I'll still wear those from time to time, but I'd love to see updates for Lara, as I'm sure other mesh body wearers would - so C'mon Al Vulo - gotta catch up! 

If you are a lover of mesh body parts, or are a newcomer to them, head over to Maitreya, give Lara a try, and I promise you won't be disappointed, shes seriously amazing!

Happy Shopping!
xx B xx