Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Ello Dolls!

For this evenings posty, I visited a rather (IMHO) perculiar sim.
I have always found that roleplay sims are far superior in design and detail that other sims, and so - looking for somewhere completely new but pretty and girly' I hoped - I searched "Roleplay".
The usual list of sex roleplay sims came up (amazing how many of those there are, not that I'm knocking them, some of my fave locations for pics are on adult/sex sims - I just go and hope not to be bothered while taking my pics - that isn't always successful, but its a small price to pay for a great looking location)
But then one caught my eye - Pony Town.
Pony Town is a sim for the My Little Ponies of SL to roleplay.
Yes really.
 I have no idea why anyone would feel the need to pretend to be a My Little Pony, and I didn't stop to read the roleplay guidelines, (I can't get my head around Child avatars - never mind Ponies) I just took my pics, and TP-ed outta there, but I can say, that SL never ever ceases to surprise me :oD

So here we go - location included (as ever) for you to investigate or, indeed, to get ya pony on :o/

 Eyes - Miko Eyes - Violet @ {Song}
Ears - Taper  Ears @ Mandala 
Body - Lara @ Maitreya  
Shape - My Own - Not For Sale 
Skin - Sia II - Ice - India @ Glam Affair
Hands - Casual @ Slink
Feet - High @ Slink 
For Slurls See Body Basics Tab  
Hair - Suspiria - Natural Ombres & Roots @ Spellbound
Nose Piercing - Gemstone Nose Piercing - Septum (X2) @ Pomposity (New)
Top - Basic Tubeys - Set 3 @ Hollipocket at With Love (New)
(Better Pic Seen Here
Jeans -Peeptoe Denim - Rainbow Bright @ HighRize at Thick (New)
Hand Bracelets - Kawaii Love Handchains @ The Little Bat at Thrift Shop (New)
Seahorse - Seahorse Plushies - Rainbow 1 (Rare) @ Forever Young at Thrift Shop (New)
Mani/Pedi For Slinks - D Signature - Candy Colour @ Zoz
Foot Strings - XoXo Footbow (Rare) @ Zoz at Thrift Shop (New)
Poses - Compilation Set (No Longer Available) @ Label Motion
Location - Pony Town
Happy Shopping!
xx B xx