Tuesday, 16 February 2016

His n Hers

His n Hers

His n Hers

His n Hers

Ello again mah Lovelies ♡ 

I gots some more goodies from RFL Home & Garden Expo for ya :D
First up we have the wicked his and hers wardrobe sets by ~BAZAR~. The Glam Closets are available for him or her in both dark wood or white. Full sets include a rezz box for perfect alignment and set out as seen here are only 13 L.I each.  The ottoman has a texture change menu and sits for both him and her plus couple animations.  The chair is a hunt gifty and includes 2 versions, the one in the pic with (faux) fur blanky and light has 3 textures for the blanky and 4 for the wood. The simple version has texture change wood. Both chairs include a ton of sits and animations for both him and her.
The pretty wall hangings are [zerkalo]'s 100% donation items and are available in dark wood (seen here) and white, with Hope and Love phrases and gorgeous ribbon detail.

Both the curtains and Chaise are Dreamland Designs 100% donation items. The curtains include a resize menu and rezzed at this size are 4 prims while the Chaise is 5 prims and includes 22 single and 10 cuddle animations. All the other items (except for the windows) are the Cotton Heaven Lovers Bedroom Set which is available in PG and Adult versions. The bed and stool include single and couple animations. 

Happy Shopping 

Get The Goodies :: 

Wardrobes & Round Ottoman :: Glam Closet Female Full Pack & Glam Closet Male Full Pack
(100% Donation)
Chair :: G.R.S Chair (Hunt Gift)

Wall Hangings :: Love & Hope Wreaths - Dark @ [zerkalo] at RFL Home & Garden Expo (100% Donation) 
Curtains :: Cotton heaven Curtains (100% Donation)
Chaise :: Cotton Heaven Chaise (100% Donation)
Bedroom Set :: Cotton Heaven Lovers Bedroom PG (New)

Windows :: Faux Window - Big - Static - White @ Little Llama

xx B xx