Monday, 15 February 2016

Namaste Froggy

Namaste Le Froggy

Ello loves! 
You ever wondered why froggies can jump so far? How do they keep so limber? Well here it is - they do yoga! Froggie Yoga (Froga?) originated many moons ago, in fact its often thought that the wise old frogs gave humans the gift of yoga in return for their legs. . . . obviously nobody told the French (hahahaha I'm kidding lovely French peeps!) So next time you pass a pond, and see a frog, whisper a Namaste in his direction- see what he does ㋡
You can get your own yoga froggies at MeadowWorks at RFL Home & garden Expo. They are a gacha prize and there are 14 to play for with 3 rares and 1 secret surprise.
The wishing well the frogs are using as a yoga base is pretty damn cool too. It has wicked nature sounds and texture menu for the mushies and grass. Sounds can be set to play all the time, just at night, or by day. I will be keeping mine turned up to max as they really keep a nice ambiance on the land ♡

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Get The Stuffs :: 

Water Well :: Mesh Water Well @ *RnB* at RFL Home & Garden Expo (New) (100% Donation)
Froggies :: Yoga Frogs 7 ~ Boat / 8 ~ Downward Dog (Rare) / 9 ~Spread Frog / 12~Tree @ MeadowWorks at RFL Home & Garden Expo (New) (Gacha - 50% Donation) 
Mushroom Log ::  Hollowed Forest Log & Mushrooms @ Dysfunctionality Designs
Log Bridge :: Fallen Tree Bridge - Lighter @ Studio Skye on MP 
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