Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Girl Shed

The Girl Shed

Ello again Dolls, 

More goodies from Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo for this posty, with a gorgeous new Shed and curtains by Dorian, filled with pastel pretties from Shabby Tabby, Kaerri, Chaina Oh and *RnB*. 
The Little Shed is copy/mod and can be tinted to your personal taste. What's more it's a mere  4 land Impact, amaze right? The curtains can be purchased separately and are also mod/copy and easily tinted to your chosen colour scheme. Both items are 100% donation to Relay For Life. 
Most of the goodies inside are also 100% donation items, or gacha goodies with a 50% donation, but there are also a few bits and bobs that are new for this event.
The wagon tables are available in range of shabby wood finishes, each with a texture change menu and 2 versions, plain (on the left) or decorated (on the right).
Happy Shopping!

Get The Goodies :: 

 Shed :: Little Shed (100% Donation)
Curtains :: Curtains  (100% Donation)
Both @ By Dorian at RFL Home & Garden Expo

Wooden Wall Slats :: Spring Unfurls 1-3  (100% Donation) 
Sofa :: Watercolour Sofa @ Shabby Tabby (New) 
Poufs (3) ::Water Color Poufs (New)
Cup (On Right Wagon) :: Cup Of Love  (Gacha) 
Pictures (Right Wall) :: Cupid Art 2 & Cupid Art 1  (Gacha) 
Round Wall Art :: Paper Flowers  (Gacha) 
 Word 1 :: Shabby Love Sign  (Gacha) 
Word 2 :: Shabby Hugs Sign (Gacha) 
Word 3 :: Shabby  Kiss Sign (Gacha) 
Poufs (4)  :: Spring Love Poufs (Gacha) 
Loose Diamonds :: Scattered Diamonds (Gacha) 
Loose Petals :: Pearls & Petals (Gacha)  
All Gacha - 50% Donations
Flowers In Bucket :: Bucket Of Roses (New) 
Flower Fields (Front Of Shed) :: Sweetheart Fields (Hunt Gift) 
 All @ Shabby Tabby at RFL Home & Garden Expo 

Wagon (Left) :: Wagon Table - Shabby Grain Woods (100% Donation)
Wagon (Right) :: Wagon Table - Shabby Woods (100% Donation)
Both @ *RnB* at RFL Home & Garden Expo

Pink Flowers In Vase :: Orchid Arrangement  (100% Donation)
Flower In Yellow Vase :: Orchid Vase @ (100% Donation)
Vase (On Left Wagon) :: Pink Hydrangeas (Hunt Gift) 
All @ Kaerri at RFL Home & Garden Expo

Pictures :: Punny Animals Cat To Be Kitten & Toadally!  (Gacha - 50% Donation)
 Both @ Chiana Oh at RFL Home & Garden Expo
xx B xx