Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Birdsong & Butterflies

Birdsong & Butterflies

Ello gorgeous girlies ♡

We have some pretties for our homes for the first of today's posties (yeps with no post yesterday you get 2 today! Yay!) :D
First up Outside The Box! have a wicked lil bistro set new for the current round of Swank. The Bistro Set comes in 2 styles, a plain (seen here) and a tiled version. Both hold animations, but animations with a twist, yes you can sit on the chairs, but the tables hold dance animations for you and your beau! There are three animations to choose from, all sensually slow dances - or bum grabbers as we say where I'm from *winks*
Next up we have the cute lil wall decor which are original mesh by a wicked new brand - Rekt. The Wallflower Decors are availble in 10 colours and include a resize menu. Rekt's creator, Faith has a ton of wicked designs up her sleeve so remember this store's name, ya gonna love it :D
Finally we have our garden wall. Les Murs De La Maison includes 4 separate pieces, with and without shade. The wall pieces are fully mod, and once set up, can be linked to reduce LI.

Happy Shopping!

Get The Look ::

Wall :: Les Murs De La Maison @ Knick Knacks at Tres Chic (New)
Wall Decor :: Wall Flower II - Fatpack @ Rekt (New)
Bird Cages :: Bird Cage @ 8f8
Blossom Trees :: Single Young Sakura PINK with Beads @ 8f8
Butterfly Cages :: Caged Butterflies @ Outside The Box! at Swank (New)
Table/Chairs :: Let's Dance Bistro Set @ Outside The Box! at Swank (New)
Table Decor :: Vino and Formagio @ Outside The Box! at Swank (New)
Floor :: Brick Floor @ DATs on MP
 Location :: Home
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