Wednesday, 20 April 2016



Ello again Dolls ♡
Another post so soon! \o/
Well I have a home & garden posty for you for this evening (I say evening, but its so very near my bedtime - grrr)
First off we start with Shabby Tabby at The Instruments, which runs until 25th April so although I am late (that's today's theme right? lol sorry Rosemaery!) you still have a few days left  to snaffle <3
Next up we got Rekt with a wicked gacha table collection. There are 7 Modern Tables to play for and are modifiable, but obvs no copy - so be careful!
Finally there is a new shopping event in the most heartbreakingly worthy cause. The Somewhere Over The Rainbow Event is in aid of the 9 year old son of  SL resident Shelbz Riviera who was diagnosed with either Diffuse Large B Cell or Burkitt Lymphoma . For this to happen is any parents worst nightmare, you can read more about his story on the official *Facebook page* or donate directly at *Helpforhuntar

Happy Shopping/Donating!

Get The Look ::

Scene ::
 Shed ::  Rustic Folk Stage @ Fiasco 
Light Beam ::  Bulb Beam @ Dysfunctionality
Wall Sconces :: Wallflower II Set
Tables :: Modern Tables 2 & 1 (Gacha) (New)
Both @ Rekt 
Plant Pots :: Log-Tastic Planters - White & Orange @ The Artist Shed at Somewhere Over The Rainbow (100% Donation)
Tapestry :: Limbourg Tapestry (New)
Chairs :: Limbourg Stools (New)
Table & Rug :: Antwerp Table & Rug Set (New)
All @ Shabby Tabby at The Instruments 
xx B xx