Thursday, 5 May 2016

Al Fresco Getaway

Al Fresco Getaway

Ello again Lil Chicks! 
I have some gorgeous Home Decor for you today, with Outside The Box' newest goodies for the upcoming Swank Event. There are 5 pieces that make up the set, and all are available separately - no gacha, no risk, just gorgeous goodies: - you like - you buy \o/ The Lounge Bags include 8 textures and have animations for men, women and couples. The plate decor includes a resize menu but is also modifiable, and the whole set will be available when Swank opens on the 7th May 
Happy Shopping!

Get The Look ::

  Scene ::
Build :: Toscana Gazebo (With Fireplace/Lights) @ What Next 
Owls :: Great Horned Owls - Brown @ Half Deer 
Trees :: Wild Mountain Pines @ Heart Homes 
Rocks ::  Natural Rocks @ Rekt on Marketplace (Online Only) (Buy Now Event) (New) 
Cats On Mantel ::  Bastet Unbearded Lady of Cairo & Symeon Klepakov the Bouncer @ Quirk & Co (Gacha) 
Cat On Rug  :: Feline Treasures - Naptime - Doma CL Leopard @ StoraxTree 
Cats :: Cat 13 - Standing Up & Cat 8 - Stretching @ (fd) (Gacha)  
Plates :: OTB! Artsy Plates 
Basket :: Wicker Basket with logs
Barrels :: Rustic Retreat Barrel Table
Table :: Rustic Retreat Coffee Table
Bean Bags :: Lounge Bag (With Textures)
All @ Outside The Box! at Swank (New) (Opens 7th May)  

xx B xx