Sunday, 8 May 2016

I Love New York

I Love New York

Ello Honey's and Happy Sundaaaaaay ♡
I have news of the home decor variety today, as the gorgeous Knick Knacks have a new gacha set out at 6th Republic! \o/
Un Voyage A New York gacha collection has an urban skyloft feel and is seriously uber cool! There are 12 pieces to play for, with 3 rares and 2 uncommons. The bed has a ton of anims for both single and couples and the rug is available in 3 styles.
Happy Shopping!

Get The Look ::

Scene ::
  Skybox :: Expo Skybox @ aKa 
New York Sign :: New York Letters
Wood Wall Art :: Marilyn Door (Uncommon)
Tickets :: Boarding Pass
Cabinets :: Night Table
Bed :: New York Bed - Adult (Rare)
Wall :: Banksy Heart (Uncommon)
Bin :: Street Bin  (Rare)
Street Sign :: Pole Direction (Rare)
Rug ::  Knicks Rug
Subway Sign :: New York Gift
Table ::  New York Table
All Un Voyage A New York @ Knick Knacks at 6th Republic (New) 

xx B xx