Friday, 13 May 2016

The Heart Of The Home

The Heart Of The Home

Helloooo again Poppets!
They say the Kitchen is the heart of every home, and Zen Creations new release the Cookhouse Kitchen packs everything you will ever need from a kitchen into one shiny bundle, including Fridge, Stove, Wall Unit, Sink, Cupboard, Cooks Island, Various Decor Items, Chalk Boards, and Dining Table Set with decor. There are also added bundles of Dishware & Appliances and Kitchen Accessories. Not only that you get a hud with 21 chalkboard textures, 2 taps, sinks and fridge options, 5 stove and cupboard options, 4 table & chair wood options and 22 fabric options. And that's not all - there is also a food rezzing system with 54 menu items to choose from! That's a LOT, right? But it's still not all!....
Now for the animations - because that's where the fun really begins *grins* This kitchen is bursting with animations! At the stove you can choose to make some waffles, fry some or eggs or stir up some soup and and the pots & utensils will auto rezz (and you will accept and attach where needed) creating all the culinary delights you wish you could in RL! Move over to the sink and wash the dishes with all the auto rezzed items, or get really dirty with your partner and a full adult animations menu! There are TONS of kinky anims in this kitchen. When you have worked up an appetite there, sit down at the dinner table for male & female sits and actions. Seriously amaze right?
Happy Cooking (and uhm other stuffs *winks*)

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