Thursday, 9 June 2016

Timeless Memories

Timeless Memories

Ello again Loves! 
I have some lovely home stuff to share with you today \o/
Rekt are in the current round of The Challenge and this month the theme is Steampunk, so Faith made a cute collection of cushions featuring Steampunk prints. There are 6 cushions in the collection and they are of course materials ready and 100% original mesh. The Challenge is on now and you can read more about the event on the official website here.
ChiMia have a lovely collection of stuffs for the upcoming Vintage Fair. The collection comprises 4 styles of Vintage Shell Armchair, 3 wood options of Wall Art, plus table and working lamp. The Vintage Fair opens its doors tomorrow at 12pm slt.
I have housed these cute goodies in the adorable lil garden house by DRD at Shiny Shabby, and hopefully one of these days I'll get around to decorating it fully and maybe taking some pics of it in full - lol, I did say hopefully!
But until then. . . . .
Happy Shopping! 

Get The Look ::


Scene ::

Curtains :: White Flying Lace Curtains @ Knick Knacks 
Pictures ::  Radio Phone Wall Art - Light
Old Parts Wall Art - Light
Table ::  Vintage Side Table
Lamp :: Art Deco Lamp
Chairs :: Vintage Shell Armchair -White 
All @ ChiMia at The Vintage Fair (New) (Opens 10th June)
Cushions :: Steampunk Cushion (3 From Set Of 6 Shown) @ Rekt (New) (The Challenge) 
Rug :: Gardenhouse Rug
Wall Plates :: Gardenhouse Wallplates
Build ::  Gardenhouse - PG 
  Other ::
Location :: Home
xx B xx