Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Dream Day

Dream Day

Ello again Muffins ♡
As promised yesterday I have the full set of Your Dreams' Sunshine Wedding Set, out at Shiny Shabby. The full pack includes 2 rezzers :-  set 1 includes table, wedding cake and various decor, while set 2 rezzes table, chairs and everything on the table in the piccy. All the pieces are included separately too to use as needed.
I am using Knick Knacks gorgeous lace curtains again because, well who wouldn't? They're so lush, and perfect for a wedding venue, right? 
I wanted to house my virtual wedding breakfast in a pretty gazebo and I don't think I could have found a prettier one than The Fuzzy Garden Gazebo by The Rural Route on marketplace. The vines are an optional extra (but no copy, which is slightly annoying) and there are visual demos at the inworld location, both links given below.
As always :~ 
Happy Shopping! 

Get The Look ::

  Lace Curtains :: Lace Straight Curtains - White  @ Knick Knacks at Ultra (New)
  Wedding Table (Complete Set) :: Sunshine Wedding Set - Set 002 @ Your Dreams at Shiny Shabby (New)
Build :: The Fuzzy Garden Gazebo 
Vines Add On :: The Fuzzy Garden Gazebo Vines 
Location :: Home  

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