Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Sweetest Dreams Are Of Us

The Sweetest Dreams Are Of Us

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Ello again Dolls ♡
For my first posty today (Mhm I have two today, to make up for my absence yesterday lol) I have goodies for the home \o/
Zen Creations have a beautiful new complete bedroom set out at the main store. The Romance Bed Set includes Curtain, drapes, pouf, decor, chair and bed. The Romance Bed includes anims for singles, couples and threesomes (adult menu). A HUD with 7 prints for pouf & chair, 8 for pouf blanket, curtain & drapes, 6 for bed blanket, 4 for flowers, 4 for pillows and 4 metals for the bedstead means you can mix & match to your hearts content  ♡
The gorgeous wall art is a gacha release by Your Dreams at Shiny Shabby. There are 9 sets to play for with 2 being rare.  Collect 'em all and you can spell out whatever message you want! \o/
ChiMia have cute new Japan themed posters for the new round of Bon Voyage. The Japan Posters include 4 prints and are modifiable.
Finally The Plastik have the lovely wood Viyal Keyracks at Lost & Found. The woods are rich, deeply textured gorgeousness, with 4 hanging keys which unlock...who knows what.....I say handcuffs, but mebee thats just me :D There are 7 wood/key combos to choose from.
As always, Loves ~
Happy Shopping!

Get The Look ::

Bedroom Set :: Romance Bed Set (Adult Menu) @ Zen Creations (New)
(Includes Curtain, Drapes, Bed, Pouf,  Decor And Chair)
JigSaw Pieces :: Puzzle Alphabet @ Your Dreams at Shiny Shabby (Gacha) (New) 
Pictures :: Japan Posters :: Koi & Sakura @ ChiMia at Bon Voyage (New)
Key Frame :: Viyal Key Rack - Bright @ The Plastik at Lost & Found (New)
 Rug :: Faded Summer Rug @ Lisp
Build :: Victorain Sunrise Cottage @ DaD Design at Shiny Shabby (New)  


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