Thursday, 1 December 2016

A.F.K. . . . . .


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Ellooooo again me Dolls! 💕
It's so super late here my loves, way past midnight, so I'm gonna just shoot through to the pic and credits tonight. I'm not sure that anyone actually reads my ramblings anyway, I know when I read a blog I don't actually "read" the blog, I look at the pic and grab the credits! But with that being said I have opened comments (again, not that anyone will say anything, but it's there if anyone wants to have a word lol) so that if this pic + credit format is something that you love/hate/lovetohate, please feel free to let me know! Comments will be open for the duration, just in case anyone wants to say hi!
So as always my loves ~
Happy Shoppings!

Get The Look 💋

 Scene :: 

Stars :: Wire Star Wall Decor
Rug :: Mesh Rug Pastel Paint
Both @  Bubble at Lost & Found  (New)
(And @ The Bubble Main Store Soon)
Curtains :: Lace Curtain 1 - Straight @ Knick Knacks at Ultra (New)
Skybox :: Sky Box-Pink (Rare)
Desk :: Table
Chair :: Chair
Duck Decor ::  Clock & Toy Duck
 Mug :: Cup With Paper
 Lamp :: Table Lamp
 Headphones :: Headset - Yellow
Bin :: Trash Can
Boxes :: Storage Box 
All :: Girl In The study @ Cherry House at Whimsical (New) (Closes 3rd Dec)
 Location :: Home
   xx B xx