Thursday, 1 December 2016

A.F.K. . . . . .


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Ellooooo again me Dolls! ๐Ÿ’•
It's so super late here my loves, way past midnight, so I'm gonna just shoot through to the pic and credits tonight. I'm not sure that anyone actually reads my ramblings anyway, I know when I read a blog I don't actually "read" the blog, I look at the pic and grab the credits! But with that being said I have opened comments (again, not that anyone will say anything, but it's there if anyone wants to have a word lol) so that if this pic + credit format is something that you love/hate/lovetohate, please feel free to let me know! Comments will be open for the duration, just in case anyone wants to say hi!
So as always my loves ~
Happy Shoppings!

Get The Look ๐Ÿ’‹

 Scene :: 

Stars :: Wire Star Wall Decor
Rug :: Mesh Rug Pastel Paint
Both @  Bubble at Lost & Found  (New)
(And @ The Bubble Main Store Soon)
Curtains :: Lace Curtain 1 - Straight @ Knick Knacks at Ultra (New)
Skybox :: Sky Box-Pink (Rare)
Desk :: Table
Chair :: Chair
Duck Decor ::  Clock & Toy Duck
 Mug :: Cup With Paper
 Lamp :: Table Lamp
 Headphones :: Headset - Yellow
Bin :: Trash Can
Boxes :: Storage Box 
All :: Girl In The study @ Cherry House at Whimsical (New) (Closes 3rd Dec)
 Location :: Home
   xx B xx