Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Just Hold On, We're Going Home

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Ello again me lil muffin tops! Happy Humpday! πŸ’•
I have not one, but 2 wicked gacha collections to share with you today, one at the upcoming Oh My Gacha, and one at the upcoming Epiphany.
First we have The Plastik at The Epiphany, with a ton of gorgeous home decor goodies. All the items you see in pic 1 (room 1) are available in dark (seen here) and light wood finishes. There are 2 rare items in each colour collection  and a lot of commons , plus 2 exclusive mini collections.
Over at Oh My Gacha (and in pic/room number 2) we have Lushish Catz new Steampunk Dream Gacha Collection which comprises 12 items, 2 of which are rare avatar attachments (harnesses and wings) so I haven't included them in this post (hopefully I'll be able to show you those items in another post). 
I have housed all these delicious goodies in Trompe Loeil's gorgeous new house at Collabor88. The Camden Cove house includes 3 versions, 2 with outside beach decor and 1 without and is a tiny 58L.I
That's all for now folks, so as always~
Happy Shoppings!

Get The Look πŸ’‹

 Scene ::
Room 1 :: 
Cloche :: Sparkle Cloche - Dark
Dream Catcher 1 :: Tribe Catcher - Dark
Dream Catcher 2 :: Peace Catcher - Dark
Dream Catcher 3 :: Revival Catcher - Dark
Table :: Potter Table  - Dark (Rare)
Elephant (On Table) :: Elephant Trinkets - Dark
Cups & Plate :: Cocoa & Macarons - Dark
Box (ON Floor) :: Labyrinth Box - Dark
Terrarium (Left) :: Orb Terrarium L - Dark
Terrarium (In FRont Of Fire) :: Tesselated Terrarium-  Dark 
Terrarium (Right) :: Orb Terrarium R - Dark
Bottles (Above Fire) :: Recycled Bottlebrushes - Dark
Ceiling Lanterns :: Hex Lanterns  - Dark 
Plant Pot (Hanging) :: Trapezoid Succulent - Dark
Shelves ::  Industry Shelves - Dark
Bench ::  Dragon Bench - Dark  (Rare)
All :: Darkside Gacha Collection @ The Plastik at Epiphany (Opens 14th Jan) (New)
Scene ::
Room 2 ::
Pipe :: Pipes Short Long 
Lantern :: Table Lantern
Tapestry :: SteamPunk
 Bed ::  Steampunk Dream - Adult Bed
Shelf :: Shelf
Owls (On Floor) :: Owls
Pillows :: Steampunk Pillow 1, 2, 3 
Piano :: Mini Piano
Room Divider (Seen In Pic 1) :: Steampunk Dream Room Divider
All :: Steampunk Dream Gacha Set @ Lushish Catz at OMG (Opens 12th Jan- LM To Follow) (New)
(See Preview pics at OMG Flickr Pool Here!)  (OMG Subscriber Here!) 
 Other ::
Build ::  Camden Cove @ Trompe Loeil at Collabor88 (New)
 Location :: Home
   xx B xx