Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bake Sale At Brookies! ♡

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Elloo again gorgeous girlies! πŸ’•
I'm having a bake sale! And everyone's invited! Proceeds raised go to  Brookies Virtual Cat & Kitten Rehoming Project, a project run soley by myself where all donated felines are given a loving furever home in my little 2 bed cottage (Crazy cat lady you say? Well I won't argue with that, but least I'm honest, right?)
I have set up our bake sale at home using new goodies from Adorably Strange at Perfect Ten, {Your Dreams} at The Crossroads and some cute balloon decor by Half Deer which was a FLF promo, but, typical me,  as soon as I purchased it got lost in my Inv - gahhh! It was only while searching for something totally unrelated I found it again, I really need to hire a cleaner lol . . . ..but I digress!
{Your Dreams} have the adorable Afternoon Coffee Gacha Collection at The Crossroads. The collection comprises 12 pieces with 2 being rare. 
Adorably Strange's cute little Lovin Oven Bake Sale cart includes all decor and gives out drinks and cookies by touch.  
Be sure to pop over, you don't need to bring anything with you, but if you insist, you could always bring gin. . . . . .or cat food.
That's all for now loves, thanks so much for stopping by, and as always,
Happy Shoppings! 

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Scene ::
Fence :: Barriere/ Fence - White @ Knick Knacks
Bake Sale Sign :: The Lovin Oven Bake Sale @ Adorably Strange Wares at Perfect Ten (New)
Balloons :: Heart Fairylight Balloons @ Half Deer (Newish)
Afternoon Coffee Gacha Collection Comprises ::
 Coffee pot
 Sugar bowl
 Yellow Cupcake
Green Cupcake 
Red Cupcake 
 Marshmallow (Rare)
 Macarons (Rare)
 Coffee With Milk
Location :: Home
   xx B xx