Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Bunnies Work Is Never Done

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  Scene ::
  Succulent Plants Gacha Collection Comprises :: 
Sun Room (Rare)
Potted Succulents - 01
Potted Succulents - 02
Succulents Table (Rare)
Succulents Chair
 Hanging Boxes :: Succulent Plants - Seed Of Inspiration 
Succulent Plants Modelling - 02
 Succulent Plants Modelling - 03
Items Not Shown:: 
Succulent Plants Modelling -01
Succulent Plants Modelling -04
Succulent Plants Modelling -03
Succulent Plants Gift 
All @  Cherry House at Gacha Garden (New) (G)
 Bunnies Dreams Gacha Collection Comprises :: 
Designer Bunny
Intellectual Bunny
Farmer Bunny
Worker  Bunny (Rare)
Happy Bunny 
Bunnies Not Shown :: 
Dreamer Bunny (Rare) 
King Bunny 
Passionate Bunny 
Other (Older) Items Used* :: 
Planters :: Boho Ivy Planters @ Floorplan
Carrot Box :: Cotton Wood Grove Carrot Crate & Tools
Carrots In Can :: Cottonwood Grove Carrot Bucket 
*Older Items May No Longer Be Available
Location :: Home

🖋  (G)  Denotes Gacha Item  

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