Friday, 8 September 2017

Geometric Living

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  Decor :: 
  Geodesic Gatcha Collection Comprises :: 
Angle Wall Decor W/Hud 
Cheve Planter W/Hud 
Cryste Decor W/Hud 
Desic Beanbag W/Hud 
Epia table & Chairs W/Hud 
Geowe Hangings W/Hud 
Gilla Decor W/Hud 
Gratch Candles W/Hud 
Koza Table W/Hud 
Lali Console Table W/Hud 
Leones Wall Art W/Hud (Rare) 
Rhom Light W/Hud 
Rory Cloche W/Hud 
Steps Planter 
Trianne Planter 
Trite Mirror W/Hud 
Not Shown :: 
Grid Planter (Rare) 
Heli Wall W/Hud 
Hunycomb Decor W/Hud 
All @ The Plastik at The Arcade (New) (G)
Desk Clutter Comprises :: 
Desk Rack (Rare) 
Note Box (Rare) 
Pencil Cup 
Not Shown ::
Heart Frame 
Wall Clock
 All @ Mynx at The Chapter Four (New) (G) 
Scarlet Creative Mainstore LM
 Location :: Home
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 (G) Denotes Gacha Item
** Older Items May No Longer Be Available
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