☆ Review policy ☆

I accept review copies but please keep in mind that I get capped constantly, so if items are sent when I'm offline there is a large chance I won't receive the items sent. Same goes with the subscribo system. If however there is a system in place whereby bloggers can check history, that helps us both!

If sending packs please include pics, a LM and any relevant info (Event slurl, dates etc)

** I don't blog items that feature a RL logo/brand name.**

If you include a pic with your blogger pack, or even better a link in the notice to a flickr image, you're more likely to be blogged than if you send a pack/notice with "here's my stuff for..." and no image. Most bloggers are too busy to unpack a million boxes with no idea whats inside! Unless, of course, they aren't busy, and well that's a sign of uhm, an unbusy blogger! Which is a sign of...yeah you get the idea :D

I'm not an ignorant person, if I don't reply, I'm AFK or busy on another screen, please send a NC!

Did I leave your group? I'm sorry, that means I either cant work with, or group hasn't been active for some time. Please don't be offended -group space is at a premium, blame LL!!