Friday, 24 February 2012

All dressed up & nowhere to go..

I normally host on a friday so take this as an excuse to get all tarted up but his week  Ive been given the night off, as my Miss Wetherbooby (Who I host for) is out doin RL....yeah that thing that gets in the way of our SLs every now and again
Ive been pretty busy this week and dressed down for much of it, and  Ive missed gettin all glammed up so I made the blog my excuse to make a lil bit of effort \o/
Im lovin the outfit i have on today.Its from the fabulous Alterego, OMG this place  is amazeballs, Ive only recently discovered this shop that shares a sim with other totally wicked stores, but its taken soooo many of my Lindens and yet given me sooo much in return!!
Todays outfit is called Feed your addiction (..yeah to shopping).  I think its ultra sexy, but not too much skin flashing happening with the wicked little nylons under the playsuit...ya can forgo the nylons if ya feelin a lil bit more.....erm how shall we say.......playful? *Winks*
Gloves, bangles, earrings, and lip piercings are all from LouLou, oooooh i dont think ive mentioned LouLou yet, but OMG do i love this place! If you like cool edgy jewellry and piercings, you really must investigate...and take LOTS of Lindens with you, be prepared to spend em all!!