Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturdays are always busy, with all the events going on in SL, there was SBS, Project Theomery, La Venta Eventa, & SUYs \o/ Lots to see lots to buy..
First purchase of the day was a gorgeous dress pack, from TSG. This is a new store for me, but on my first visit i bought 3 items so its looking promising!! The dresses are called Illusions, they kinda remind me of the Stella McCartney dresses in RL with the fab panelling down the sides. Pack comes with a pink dress as well as the beige im wearing in the pic.

Dress - TSG -
Gloves & bangles - LouLou -
Hair - SLink -
Boots - Sakide -

Aside from the event shopping, i bought a few bits along the way, always seeing goodies when my Linden is running dry, but when ya gotta shop-ya gotta shop, right?
Im lovin mesh right now,  and mesh tops look sooooo good. If you havent embraced mesh yet, it really is worth giving it a go. Yes you need an updated viewer, and yes you may have to mod ya shape if you dont fit into the standard shapes most creators use, but its so worth it when you see how they look and move with your avi. The only drawbacks to mesh ive personally found is 1) if using phoenix you cant add layers of alphas (say for a  mesh top & a pair of shoes) tho you can if you use firestorm so thats partly my fault for not updating, and 2) sometimes when you tp, its as if the mesh doesnt come with you, so ive been stood bald-in public...not a great look, and even worse my friend who had a mesh dress on, was stood stark naked in a packed and laggy club :o/
I also bought a gorgeous eyeliner pack from Acid & Mala, that has like 5 different effects in each pack (2 packs available for SBS)
Mesh tank - Apple May -
Denim shorts - Paper.doll -
Hair - Catwa -
Eye makeup -

Im loving Imbue atm too, and i went along and grabbed a tank i know ill wear a hundred times over, ive teamed it with one of my fave minis, the zipped from Sakide, and a pair of my fave shoes, the Genova,  simple but sexy yes?
T shirt - Imbue -
Skirt - Sakide -
Shoes - Genova -
Hair - Catwa -

Oh BTW im aware that the text went funny after the first paragraph, grrr dunno how to make it normal tho soooo we're still on Noob alert k? K!