Sunday, 26 February 2012

OMFG Too busy for shopping???

Yes!! Its possible, i was too busy for shopping!! Today my team played in a cup final  ..and after a struggle, we won \o/ Woot OMFG happy days!! Yeah i wont go into details cos its RL...and  bleugh RL is RL, but lets just say i got sore hands and a sore throat now! I do have to say tho, for anyone English , its hard to find SL stuff for our teams so pop over to Violation Inc and grab yaself a ya footy top. This store has most of the English premier teams shirts, and i was totally amazed when i discovered i could wear my colours in SL as well as RL. Oh yeah it sells all other countries stuffies too lol

Liverpool top -
Knickers -
Shoes -

Only one more pic, thats the "todays outfit.....wot i was wearin BL...Before Life. Ummmm ..I literally threw this one together and LOVED the results, 
Gorgeous stuffies to jus go out an buy!!!
Top  - Line _
Skirt - Evale -
Shoes- Sim-i-lar _
Hair - Abyss -
Nails - Virtual Insanity -