Sunday, 12 February 2012

Here goes nothin!!

Well, Ive decided to make a blog, I dont expect anyone to read it, but I think itll sorta be like a SL diary or journal. Im probably going to be chatting to myself, but as i do that in RL i see no harm in doing it on paper so to speak.
What to expect?? Well, lots of SL fashion, events ive been going to, parties etc, and also any SL news i think will be of any interest. Ill be posting a pic of the outfit of the day, where i got it, and the slurls for easy locations. Ill be noting things that have made me laugh and pics of random things, funnies etc
There'll be lots of typos no doubt and abbreviations and slang, but I type as I speak soo as I really really dont expect any readers this wont be a prob!
This is my first bloggy (I helped a friend with hers but that doesnt count right?) so Im still sorta learning, and Im not a great photographer but ill do my best and see how we go, hopefulyl Ill get better over the coming weeks.

Oh so, this is me..!

And a little about the outfit, umm the top, is a dress from the brilliant Plastik, its the strips dress and comes in a bazillion different colours, but ya cant go wrong with black can you? The top also comes with a prim piece which i love cos it makes the top  look so much better than jus the texture between ya boobies!!
The jeans are the low unbuttoned from Sakide, this is another store i adore i have so much stuff in my invent from here...i really need to get round to cleaning my inv out :o/
The hair is from Ploom, Lordy im a total hair monster and Ploom is one of the best for that edgy look, its called Abelle and has tons of streak options via a hud, or of course you can go streakless.
Shoes which you can just see, were a gift from N-Core, OMG N-core is- IMO- the best shoe place on the grid, with fantastic styles and the totally genius skin matching notecard which has the codes for the most famous skins in SL-jus pop on the hud input the code and wahey-sexy feet alert!!
As this is my first entry can we please ignore the fact that i have nails on only one hand? <<<<<NOOB ALERT>>>>><<<<<WE HAVE A NOOB ON THE BLOG>>>>>
Anyhoooo, so yeah, Slurls:::
So thats it-first entry done! Wasnt too bad-just had to go over it about 7 times and correct my typos and spellings but bleuh thats me
♡ βrooƙιє ♡