Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lazy sundays

Today is definately a lazy sunday, both in SL and  RL! Apart from having a shower and doing a huge roast dinner for the RL family, Im gonna be glued to my laptop today. In SL Ive already done the lazy sunday shopping, I didnt buy much this week, as SL is just  smothered with Valentines day stuffies (being married in RL, I dont have, nor desire to have a partner in SL) just a nice pink Valentines set from Plastik,  which came with a ton of extra goodies in the box. So good were all the exras i went back to Plastik and got the other 2 sets! Seriously if you havent yet been, you really- really must, all of the stuff Ive had from there (and Ive always-always shopped at Plastik) Ive loved and worn a million times over. They give out tons of goodies, and  participate in hunts and events. Whats best though, is they dont just give out mediocre stuff either, its always- always top class. The skins and eyes are as beautiful as the clothes.
The other item I bought today was hair from Truth-one of my favourite hair stores. Its the new release and is called Vicky, I like this one because its off the face, and those are the styles i prefer to wear in SL though TBH im a total hair whore and I really wouldnt want to count how many different hairstyles i have
Im going to try taking some good, or even half decent piccies for the blog, but as im sooo inexperienced in this field i dont hold much hope :o/ Its all practise though, and i hate not being able to do things that other people do as a matter of we shall see how i get on
Anyway todays pic is the hair from Truth and a lovely warm and cosy jumper i bought from COCO last night, when its so cold in RL sometimes it reflects in SL

Plastik -
Truth -
Coco -

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