Monday, 13 February 2012

Manic Mondays!!

Today has been proper manic! When  i first logged into SL, after having a long lie in (ahh the joy of kids being on half term!) the first thing i noticed was i had a new neighbour on the sim :o/  I have a quarter of a beautiful beach sim, the other 2 quarters were taken when i moved in and one of them is my friend, but the one on the other direct side of me, was emprty, and i had gotten used to seeing the vast space of sandy beach-and of course not being overlooked from that side. So the first thing i did was rez a sim divider screen. I dont know about you, but i need to feel like my space is a private place, my friends are always welcome....but i dont want to be cammed by a stranger when im least expecting it. This has happened to me before-id logged out one night after hosting at a club, and i always have my crosshairs on when im hosting (just to be nosey-whos camming who etc!) and id forgotten to turn it off when i logged out, so i logged in this particular morning, crosshairs still active and after about 5 mins, i saw crosshairs on me, they were following me as i walked from room to room!! Yes it was shared sim, and yes we cant expect total privacy in those situations, but i dont expect to be cammed when im in my home. So just for my own piece of mind, up the privacy screen went.
While i was editing the screen into place i was thinking to myself well at least i dont have noobs landing every minute! The next thing i know, theres a random visitor to my place, jus standing there, i left her, and she was till there after 10 mins, sooo off goes the public access and on goes the group access only-ah well, the joys of  SL but i wouldnt let it distract from my main reason for logging into SL-shopping!!
Was in a bit of a dressy down mood today, but i always need to flash the flesh, so a ultra cropped top-or booby top as i call em-was the perfect start. These just show the bottom of ya boob, just that sexy hint of flesh...we dont have the wind in SL that would stop us wearing these in RL!! My top is from Suicidal unborn, and has a cute little hello kitty....uhmmmm.... hanging itself  with the words goodbye kitty-darkly hilare!! I just cant show my RL kittys! The perfect pants to go, are my Alter-ego baggy shorts. These came in a pack with a little cropped top, some black trainers, tattoo makeup etc-a bargain at 150L. To complement the colours i chose some high knickers in grape which i got ages ago from a store no longer around :o( The trainers are from Alter-ego too and are the perfect zesty colours-Ill definately be wearing this outfit again....If i find it in the depths of my inventory!!
The fabulous hair is from Ploom, the tattoo is from my fave tattoo store-Para designs, and the nails are from Virtual Insanity, this is another shop i have filled my inventory from, the nails, piercings, jewellery etc is just gogreous and so well made.
So there we go, pretty in pink on a manic monday. Now im off to party \o/
Suicidal Unborn:
Alter ego:
Para Designs:
Virtual Insanity:

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