Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You can leave your hat on...

Its been a bit of a quiet day in SL today, so plenty of time for me to shop! But instead of shopping for clothes/shoes etc, i went shopping for poses! I do already have a lot of poses/pose props already in my inv, but seeing as im going to be actually using them now (gasps in shock-using them you say Brookie?) i thought it maybe a good idea to find some more (any excuse to shop huh?) so off i popped. I have to say i was a little bit of a lucky bunny today, cos i manged to get lots of stuffies, without actually...yaknow...paying!!! \o/ Always a result right? The pics ive taken of todays outfit were taken using the hat and poses from BehaviourBody, and what as store this is, lots of lovely freebies, and tons of brillaint poses/AOs etc, gooo gooo gooo-its brill!

So, to the outfit, i love this one. The waistcoat is from Whippet & Buck, and it comes in lots of different colours, but i always fall back on black. The prim part is mod so can easily be stretched to suit your shape, and is copy too, just in case ya fuck things up! (Erm make a copy before ya fuck things up tho k? K!) The little white top, is an old classic from Twisted & Spoiled, gawd this store has been around for moons and is still going strong, if you havent been yet-be sure to go, lots of lovelies there :o) The shorts- OMG i love these shorts-are from another of my favourite haunts Paper.doll they come in a few options, im wearing the pocket version, but theres a no pockets version, a braces version, and one with braces & pockets-delish!! My gorge little ankle boots are from Sakide-back from when it was Sassy Kitty, but theyre still available now. The tattoo is from Para designs, as most of my tattoos are. Its a gorgeous full body tattoo called Cherry Blossom, and comes in all clothing layers and a tattoo layer-theyres also different shades to choose from-light medium & dark. The rings are from Virtual Insanity as most of my rings and nails are, ive never found another store that beats V/I for their rings/nails and jewellery.  The hairs from Ploom once again. Its called Natie, and comes in a streaked and no streaked option. The streaks are controlled by a super easy to use HUD as all of Plooms streaked hair is.

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