Thursday, 16 February 2012

Give peas a chance!

I was browsing pose stores yesterday when i came across this pose prop-and i STG i nearly died, i seriously couldnt wait to have it in my inv, it was mine at once, it was soooo very cheap as part of the stumblebum brigade, but even if it was 10 times the price id have got it-so perfect that it is.
You see, me and my SL BFF are actually peas!! Yes!! I know! Weird-but sooooo true.  Were so stupidly similar and have the same mental issues, that we can only be peas from the same pod. So Mrs Poddington features in todays blog.....heres to you Pea my lil mushy friend

When i showed my Pea (AKA Diamond) our pod she nearly wet herself-such was here excitement, lots of "OMG OMG OMG OMG" and "Im living here forever"s!! Sow we had to immediately get changed into pea colours and customise a photo box for this momentous occasion in our lives!!
We already had the same hair in our invs, the same shoes too (see our pea-ness coming thru huh?) all we needed was a gorgeous pea green colour to wear. (We had actually searched Marketplace for pea costumes, but strangely couldnt find any-weird huh?) So off to Sticky fingers we went! This store has some seriously sexy outfits in such lush colours, bright and zesty. So we chose our outfits and went back to the pod for the pic.
After the pics were taken, and we congratulated each other on our pea-like qualities,
""[16:47] Pℯαηuт Buттℯя Oяℯo (diamond.goldblatt): we are THE awsomeness of the greenarage that is peapodage""
we didnt wanna get out of our pea clothes so we had a lil boogie round the pea box, beacause..
""[16:49]  Pℯαηuт Buттℯя Oяℯo (diamond.goldblatt): lmao its like we on day release from the pod""

Pea pod pose prop- iBang-
Hair- Truth-
Cami & knickers- Sticky Fingers-
Shoes- N-Core-
Pea-like qualities-all our own \o/*\o/

So cmon peeps-give peas a chance!!
♡ βrooƙιє ♡