Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Brook went AWOL!!

Soooo sorry peeps, had a ton of stuff lately thats just meant ive not been able to do any blogging, but hopefully Ill be back to normal again from now! \o/
RL has been ultra busy, but also SL too...rem the neighbours i told you about? Well they totally (and i meant sooo totally-there should be a new word invented) lagged up the whole sim we shared (we originally had a quarter sim each), i literally couldnt walk some days, so when they moved off i decided to rent their quarter too \o/ so now i have half a gorgeous beach sim, and jus 2 other neighbours!
My gorgeous, hawt and totally overwhelmingly talented friend Victorya Berkmans has landscaped the whole half a sim and i gotta say, its absolutely gorgeous, im totally in love wi my home now, and im never ever gonna move (if i can help it-lately its been one sim move after another)
heres a lil before and after of the sim::
So yeah prety much of an improvement and i gotta say, down actuallly on the land , it looks totally awesome. Vics said that shed love to do more, soooo if anyone wants any landscaping/terraforming or stuffies done, jus search Victorya Berkmans :o)

Ive been hangin with my friends every chance i get, so you can blame them for a lack of blogging too lol

 Left to right:: Leo, Me, Vic, Di & Mel \o/
(Pic is Vics)
Im wearing::
If anyone wants to know where any of the other girls stuff is from, give me a holla or nc inworld and ill make sure to tell ya :o)

Ok so back to normal now-promise, see ya tomorrow!!