Wednesday, 14 March 2012

No humps on this humpday

From girly to.....ummmm...i dunno what youd call this look, but it aint girly thats for sure. Not caring though cos im lovin this skirt & top combo.
Skirt is from an outfit which includes the belt, and a sexy little cropped vest in 2 versions (sheer & normal) The outfit is called Atomic and is by Apple May. Both the skirt and the tops are available seperately in different colours, and the belt is also available in red.
The top, is one ive been hoarding in my inv, from when i was modelling at Delirium, but is still available in a few different colour combos, with a collar attatchment that im not wearing.

Top - Delirium -
Skirt - Apple May -
Boots - Maitreya -