Monday, 13 August 2012

яίикч ∂ίик ραитђєя

I STG my post titles couldnt get any more random, Im just thinking of the first thing that comes into my lil brain that has even the most remote reference to an item in the post, so here we have it, pink items  > > pink panther > > rinky dink panther. . . . . . . . .yeps Im THAT creative lololol

The Pink ribbon fair is still in full swing, so if you havent been yet be sure to snap up all the gorgeous goodies all the awesome designers have on offer, theres just loads and loads of exclusives  and its all in a good cause, what more can you ask?
Gfw is coming up too in a couple of days, and heres my first sneaky peak of an item thats gonna be on offer this week, another f**king awesome offering from Tenjin, I STG I couldnt love this designer more, gorgeous tattoos in preeeety colours for the girls <3 <3 <3

Look 1 :
Hair - Baileys - Pale golden @ LoQ
Headband - Simple headband @ Virtual/Insanity
Choker - Hesperide @ LouLou
Top - Stripes cutsie tube @ Liquid honey
Leggings (PRF) - Spike knee leggings - Exclusive item by ][doli. at Pink ribbon fair
Nails/rings - Lucido nails @ Onyx wear
Bracelet - Hoop mesh bracelet - black @ Bens beauty
Shoes - Zen - Black @ N -Core

Look 2 -
Hair - Zoey - Rye @
Necklaces - Pearl necklaces combo - long @ Maxi gossomer
Dress (For PRF) - Mesh night summer dress by NiNight creations at Pink ribbon fair
Arm tattoo - Violet hill tattoo @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW - aug 15th)
Nails/rings - - Lucido nails @ Onyx wear
Shoes - Eternity dots edition @ N -Core