Tuesday, 14 August 2012

נυѕт βŁυє

OMG Its taken me the best part of a day to do one post as SL is killing me right now! Doesnt seem to matter if I use Firestorm or Phoenix, SL is just f**ked, I cant rezz, hair wont attach, those annoying lil yellow triangles are appearing everywhere,a and tps are a total fail!!. And it couldnt happen at a worst time...theres sooooo many shopping events, sales and awesomeness happening, I dont wanna miss out on any of it :o(

Pic on left :
Hair - Silent wings - chardonnay @ Exile
Necklace 1 - Butterfly set @ Kennedy's at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow)
Necklace 2 - Pearls combo set - blue @ Maxi gossomer
Top - Busteh top - pearl  (one of 6 colour opts) @ Hollipocket at Fashion voodoo 
Jeans - Girly girl jeans - baby blue @ Hollipocket

Pic on right -
Hair - Soleil - w/roots - seaspray @ Truth
Dress - Silk brocade oriental minidress @ Kaithleens at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow)
Tattoo - Violet hill tattoo @ Tenjin at Jersey shore  (For GFW tomorrow)
Rings & nails - Snow fairy rings & nails @ Virtual/Insanity
Ring - Butterfly setKennedy's at Jersey shore (For GFW tomorrow)