Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Happy humpday peeps, I have to say this week is absolutely flying past me. I think it helps because the weather is nice and the kids are off school so the days just go so fast. Somebody metioned the C word yesterday, I was like WTF? Nooooooo thats 4 months away...but 4 months isnt that long is it? Scarrryyyyyy!!!

Anyway onto shopping :o)
Bargains galore today, theres a smokey eye makeup pack that includes 4 lip colours and cheek tint for only 50L at Eyelure, gorgeous little animal print tops by Empporium at Fashion voodoo and of course Jersey shores GFW which has tons of bargains to be snaffled.
Plus the gorgeous lil meshy pants are  available in 6 colours and are unisex \o/

Pic on left :
Hair - Bring it on - frosted @ Exile
Makeup - Smokey eye - blush - lip - 4 pack @ Eyelure
Nose peircing - Rama nose chain @ LouLou
Top - Print cow mini shirt @  Emporium at Fashion voodoo
Chest tattoo - Hunt item @ Endless pain tattoos  (For pink ribbon fair)
Necklace/bangles - Into the bloom - white @ Virtual/Insanity
Nails - Half flick nails @ Onyx wear
Ring - Square ring - black & cream @ Bens beauty
Tummy tattoo - Dirteh tatts  @ Hollipocket
Belly peircing - Emo peircing @ Dirtyland
Pants - Black zebra sweat shorts @ Stained clothing

Pic on right -
Hair - Andarial - roots @ Magika
Chest tattoo - as before
Bikini - Teeny kini - tropic pink blue @ Hollipocket at Jersey shore   (For GFW)
Necklace - Key to my heart @ Bens beauty
Arm tattoo - Violet hill  @ Tenjin at Jersey shore (For GFW)
Belly piercing - as before
Tummy tattoo - Butterfly party @ Tenjin at Jersey shore
Pants - Pink zebra sweat shorts @ Stained clothing
Nails - as before
Ring (right hand) - Bunny ring - pink sapphire @ Bens beauty
Ring (left hand) - Pyramid ring - pink @ Bens beauty

Full set makeup :

Makeup - Smokey eye - blush - lip - 4 pack @ Eyelure

Chest tattoo in aid of