Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn breezes

Autumn is almost upon us in RL, and I dont know about where you are , but here in the UK, summer is hanging on by a thread, but the nights are drawing in, the evenings are cooler, and my feet are getting cold. . . . .all sure signs that winter is on its way!!
In SL though, I live on a tropical sim, all the palm trees and coconuts you could ever want, and I love it, but sometimes its nice for SL to reflect RL, and my friend Vic has transformed her land (next door to mine -hiydee neighbour!!) to a beautiful autumn forest, and she was keen to bring mine more up to date too! So today we spent the evening, transforming my land (I say we - I mean she - I just stood there rezzing things and asking if she could use em)
I don't know how she does it - a few months ago she transformed my land from a blank canvas to a beautiful tropical paradise, right before my eyes, I wish I had the skills.
Anyhoo, so I was going to showcase a few of the different designs of these awesome Hollipocket mesh trackies, but got totally sidetracked by all things terraform, that Ive only had time to show the one in a main pic, but believe me, these tracks are so comfy, but so hawt, ya gonna want em all.
Ill try to show the rest of what I have -_- plus a surprise -_- tomorrow, but until then, happy thursday peeps!

Hair - Set free - bleach Exile 
Top - Cropped sweater - blackShabby Cat 
Tummy tatt - Little bird tattTenjin at Jersey shore 
Pants & knickers -  Sport zebra pantsHollipocket 
Nails - Long nails - classic - blackMstyle 
Ring - Cross ring (texture change)Bens beauty 
Shoes - Rivea pumps - Queen snakeMstyle